Youth Staff Shift

The following post is written by Larry Heslip, Minister of Education/Administration at Tallowood.  He is an amazing leader for our church and uses words like “heretofore.”  Awesome!

This new Sunday School year, beginning August 20, will bring a new alignment in the youth ministerial staff leadership.  This realignment comes after a prolonged study of our effectiveness and our desire to capture the best skills and abilities of our staff.  Heretofore we have assigned the tasks according to age groups with Jerome supervising the entire program, Micah working with Middle School students and Rebecca working with Senior High students.

The change in assignment places the ministers with responsibility according to their gifts and the successes they have enjoyed.  Jerome will continue to coordinate the student ministry with Micah leading out in the teaching and outreach ministry and Rebecca overseeing the discipleship, leadership and mission’s ministry with students.  Jerome is also assuming the responsibility for coordinating the Devoted Hearts and Homes ministry which is being developed more completely to work with homes of all ages in the church.  Jerome will be on sabbatical early this fall.  He is mostly using that time to learn more about the ministries to homes employed by churches across the country because home development is critical to our future as a church and to our community at large. It is our ambition to make our ministries more successful and to reach our community more effectively with these changes.

-Larry Heslip


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