High School Retreat 2011

This year’s High School Retreat was another awesome chance to escape the city, get away from the busyness, and enjoy some quality down time with friends in the Word.  We had an amazing time at Camp Tejas and made use of every opportunity to invest in the lives of students.

Friday night we began with a fun game led by Philip Lester.  Students had to get in groups based on the cards they received and then they did something as a group, like form a line by age, make a human pyramid, or play poker (kidding about that last one!).  Then we had our first session with Joel Harrell’s band December Tide and our guest speaker Whit Smith.  They did amazing during each one of our sessions.

In session 1, Whit focused on why we exist as we studied Colossians 1:16.  He talked about our purpose and how we often reach intersections in life that define and shape who we are and who we become.  He then encouraged our students to see that they are “Created by God and for God!”

After our session, we headed outside where we were taken on a hayride by two tractors pulling trailers.  It was really cool since Camp Tejas was decorating for Lights of Tejas where they cover their grounds with lights for the Christmas season.

The next morning we had our quiet time outside and then enjoyed another session with December Tide and Whit.  Whit was sharing about our journey with God and how we often carry lots of baggage that we need to give to Him so that we can continue on in our lives with Christ.

After the session, we ate lunch and then competed in the annual mud football game.  The game ended in a 7 – 7 tie, but it was still a great time in the mud!

Our final session for the retreat, focused on how God desires to use believers to bring the world to Him.  Whit gave a very practical challenge to just share Christ and not feel the pressure to convert people.  Instead, being faithful and sharing our belief in Christ is what we are called to do no matter what response we receive.  After the session, students wrote out their two minute testimony in their small group.

Once the small groups wrapped up, we boarded the bus and headed back to Houston.  Can’t wait for High School Retreat 2012!

(For more photos from the retreat, go HERE)



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