Middle School Bowl 2012

The past few years, our student ministry has developed a fun tradition where our middle school students play a flag football tournament after church on Super Bowl Sunday.  We call it – the Middle School Bowl!  This tournament has grown into one of our most effective outreach events for students.  The purpose of the day is to have students invite friends to come to church with them and then participate in the games after having some FREE lunch.  This year, students did a great job inviting friends and we had around 40 guests in our student ministry on Middle School Bowl Sunday!

Overall, about 120 middle school students on sixteen teams participated in the games.  To accommodate our largest crowd to date, we had games being played simultaneously on four fields.  And to keep the competition balanced, we have a girls league and a guys league.

It was an awesome day, though it was freezing, and at the end of the day only two teams could go home calling themselves the Middle School Bowl Champs!

Our Girls League Champions were the “Super 7” (this was their second Middle School Bowl win in a row. Can you say back to back?)

Our Guys League Champions were “White Trash“, a team of 8th graders.

We also award prizes for best uniforms.  For the first time, a boys team won this prize.  Way to go “Tebows“!

Our goal in all of this football madness is to encourage our students to be intentional and invite their friends to church.  We are praying that this mindset will not only happen when there is a special event, but that every week will be a time where students are purposefully reaching out to their friends with the Gospel.

To see more pictures of the day, check them out here.



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