Camp Tallowood 2012 is online

All their bags are packed and they’re ready to go, right? OK, maybe not quite… but soon enough, your Tallowood students will be heading off to Camp Tallowood 2012. It is hard to imagine how you’ll cope with an entire week apart from your campers, so we’re going to once again try to make it a little easier for you.

You can be a part of Camp Tallowood 2012 without even having to shower with shoes on or getting peer pressured into taking a ride on the zip line! Keep up with the events as they happen on Facebook  and Twitter. Oh, and don’t forget about Instagram – follow us from your cell phone at TBC_students. Also, check back on this blog throughout the week for pictures, videos, sermon recaps and other interesting tid-bits.

Our desire is to get the whole family involved in the camp experience by equipping parents with ways to specifically follow up with their student about what they learned during their week away. We hope the information we provide through social media gives you an open door for important conversations with your students about what they learned and how to process it. We also hope these outlets provide a record – something students can look back on over time as a reminder of what God showed them during Camp Tallowood 2012.

Follow along, stalk us and search for your student in pictures as God moves in the lives of our students during this amazing week!


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