Camp Tallowood 2012 Sunday wrap-up

Camp Tallowood 2012 is finally here! We started out Sunday with one group already up at camp and most of our students headed to Tallowood for Bible study, worship and bus loading. Here at Camp Eagle, the advance team and seniors continued prep work. This year’s crop of seniors had amazing attitudes about helping set up the stage, rec equipment and anything else we asked!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch… Tallowood was buzzing with excitement while students and sponsors loaded up the buses. Soon after the buses rolled out, students were greeted with a “cheerio” and “God save the queen” from interns Chase and Reed. Yes, this year’s camp rules video featured a London Olympics theme. Grab a spot of tea and enjoy for yourselves.

After only a minor delay on the road, the buses rolled into camp to a flurry of excitement! Camp Eagle staffers and Tallowood seniors greeted each bus with crazy cheers. Students dropped their stuff at their lodging spaces, and we all headed to the “mine” for a hamburger cook-out. Students then found their tribes and learned who they’d be spending time with all week.


Sunday evening’s worship really set the mood for the entire week. Right off the bat, students finally got a glimpse of the meaning behind their shirt from the Tallowood Players… but you will just have to wait a little bit longer! (This might look familiar, though.)

Scot Pollock, who we’re so blessed to have back this year, pointed us to Revelation 1:12-18 where John tries to describe a vision so amazing it was virtually indescribable. We then examined our own view of Jesus – Do we think of Him as the creator the universe? Someone who, as John describes in Revelation, holds stars in His hands? Stars that are millions of times larger than the largest thing we can imagine?

Parents, will you talk with your students about how they view God? Ask them their view changed during this week. 

Scot pointed us back to the beginning of the Bible where Jesus was prophesied and brought us all the way through to these verses in Revelation, where He proclaims “I have the keys to death and hell.” Our God is much bigger than we think, and yet He loves us enough to provide salvation.


One response to “Camp Tallowood 2012 Sunday wrap-up

  1. We are praying daily for these students and their encounters with God!

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