How to pray for Camp Tallowood – Friday

Each day while we’re at camp, we’d love for you to take the time to pray for our students. Whether you have sent your son or daughter on a bus, or maybe you’re just checking in on a friend – we could use your prayers. Many of you received a yellow wristband and committed to pray for the student whose name was written on that band. Please use these specific requests as a guide of how to pray for your student and all of us throughout the week. Thank you for your commitment to pray!

  • Pray and rejoice for our students who have made decision for Christ this week! Many are being baptized later this morning.
  • Pray for safe travels home
  • Pray for the Camp Eagle staff as they prepare to welcome a different group for another week of camp


One response to “How to pray for Camp Tallowood – Friday

  1. Barbara Obermann

    Yes, I’m praying for all the above, and glad that our group is on the way home. Surely they’ll have great things to tell us……..But shame on whoever is responsible for maintaining these buses! It seems there’s always problems, most of which could be prevented. I understand that at least one bus has no airconditioning. Now I also pray the driver stops periodically so everyone can cool off and refresh a bit, and avoid heat exhaustion.

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