Camp Tallowood 2012 – Thursday wrap-up

First thing Thursday morning, the seniors waited outside the Nueces lodge for their 6th grade “dates.” In one of the great camp traditions, the 12th graders accompany the youngest campers to breakfast on the Thursday of camp. The 6th grade boys came out eagerly and (amazingly) were all clean and fresh! They brought roses to their “dates” and were greeted with a short serenade. The 6th grade girls took a little longer to prep, but they slowly trickled out and shyly took pictures with the senior guys. During breakfast, the youngest and oldest campers got to know each other and had a little fun together.

During worship, Scot pointed us to the letter to the church in Sardis in Revelation 3. This church has a reputation for being grand and prosperous, but they are actually dead. God warns them to wake up. There are great benefits to living according to God’s call, but in order to be intimate with Jesus, we must first be obedient to Him.

Parents, how will you challenge your student to try every day to follow Jesus? How will you discourage them from doing nothing about their faith and living miserably?

Following worship, we spent more time with our tribes and grabbed a quick lunch together before the big race. Each year, the week of Rec games ends with a relay race involving all team members competing in challenges that involve both brawn and brain. This year, the race was appropriately titled “Armageddon” to fit with the Revelation theme and featured a river swim, several distance runs, a sorting game, a team pyramid, pipes and much more. Although Naphtali gained an early lead, James the Less sped ahead at the last moment and took first place!

After a lot of free time and another delicious dinner, we met to head up “Mount Moriah” with our tribes. Yes, it was time for another hike, but this one was to a familiar destination. During the seven year camp cycle, this Camp Eagle mountaintop has been the symbolic location of Abraham’s near-sacrifice of Issac, the construction of Solomon’s temple and the crucifixion of Jesus. The 24 elders, dressed in white “robes” (t-shirts were a little more weather-appropriate) brought out the Ark of the Covenant, a symbol of God’s physical presence. The night invoked images of Revelation 4 and allowed us to focus on the throne of God.

Once the ark was in place, Scot pulled the whole story of the Bible together. He shared how God’s presence on earth was seen in the Garden of Eden, the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy of Holies in the temple. He also shared how each of these things had something in common. When God sent Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden, He protected the entrance to the garden with cherubim angels. He also shared how the Ark of the Covenant was topped with two cherubim statues, and how the curtain outside the Holy of Holies in the Temple was decorated with cherubim.

Each of these places or items represented the very presence of God, but the cherubim also became symbolic of man’s sinful separation from God. Scot then shared how the curtain of the Temple, decorated with cherubim, ripped in half from top to bottom at the time of Jesus’ death on the cross. The removal of this obstacle from the place God’s presence dwelt serves as an amazing picture of how Christ’s death allowed people who were separated from God to once again have fellowship with Him.

After Scot spoke, the seniors led out with an interp to “Fall on Your Knees” by David Crowder.

Parents, what should be your response to God allowing us to have fellowship with Him? As a family, how will you daily fall on your knees in front of the throne of God?

Following the hike down, the seniors enjoyed a night of privilege in the Oasis with snacks and Cokes for all. Each year, the seniors are rewarded for their hard work and leadership with treats from Gina Morrison.


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