Sonlight Mission Trip to Seattle

Every summer, it is amazing to witness God calling out students to serve Him with an Acts 1:8 mindset.  This mindset is reflected in our missions plan for the Student Ministry at Tallowood. Our plan is rooted in a simple idea – during the seven years that a teenager is in the student ministry, our desire is for them to have the opportunity to experience a variety of mission experiences that are local, regional, national, and international. This plan for missions involves our students serving here in Houston, around the state of Texas, and all around the country and the world.  We saw this plan in action earlier this month when our middle school students served locally on the Middle School Mission.  We will see it when our 8th grade students leave to serve in Waco at World Changers next week. And we will also see this plan working when our high school students board planes tomorrow and travel to Seattle to serve people in Jesus’ name.

So with this in mind, we are excited to keep you  updated on all that is happening on our mission trips this summer.  You can keep up with these mission trips as they happen on Facebook  and Twitter. You can also check back on this blog throughout the next two weeks for pictures, service project recaps and other interesting tid-bits.

We hope this is helpful for you as you pray for our trips and follow along with all that God is doing in and through our Tallowood Students!


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