3rd Day of World Changers

What a long and beautiful day we have experienced! Work today at all of our sites was crazy hot, but God provided all day long! Ann and Sara both had opportunities to talk to people in the neighborhood today answering questions and sharing the love of Jesus. Ann and Ashley found out how much fun it is to caulk. George loves getting to know his new friends on his team, James loves the ladies who bring them macaroni and cheese for lunch, Brian is learning how to put up a roof. They are all having a great time and are already talking about wanting to come back to World Changers another year!


Rebecca and Reed loved our time at the end of the day getting together with our amazing and goofy group of 8th graders who love Jesus and love each other! We had such a sweet time praying for one another and personal needs in our life and in the lives of our families. There is nothing quite as special as hearing students pray so compassionately for one another. Even now at 10:30pm when all of us are physically weary there is a spontaneous group of about 50 kids and adults playing instruments and singing worship songs in the church cafeteria. Sweet, sweet days! Please pray along with us that God would do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think!



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