5th and Final Day of World Changers

We can’t believe the week is over and it’s time to pack up and get ready to drive home tomorrow! Thank you so much (especially the parents of these 8th graders!) for praying for us this week. God has proven once again to have really good plans for us and fulfill his purpose for us, for His kingdom, and for His ultimate glory!


To explain, here is the list of things God showed us this week here in Waco serving, worshipping, and playing at World Changers…

– We saw a map that shows how 1.3 billion people in the world have never heard about Jesus. That is insane! How would our lives be dramatically different without the gift of knowing Jesus?

– It is so much fun to help and serve others.

– We all have a purpose and we are not worthless.

– It is so much fun to not know what to expect, to try new things, to make new friends. There is great joy in mission work, finding an amazing group of Christian friends from all over the U.S., and making old friendships stronger.

– Despite that many people think teenagers are lazy, we loved working hard and truly enjoyed serving other people.

– We don’t need to have a “cool” testimony in order for God to use us. God uses the things in our life where we feel God’s pleasure. Our unique gifts have a purpose to bless others.

– When a homeowner can’t take care of their own house like they would like to, it is an honor to help them out so that they feel like they are providing for their family.

– The hard work is what bonds you with others.

– God showed us just how much we need Him all day in everything. We need his strength and patience to keep us going when we have nothing left of our own. We are restored and refreshed by times of worship, prayer, being challenged by His Word.

– Seeing others connect with God makes all the effort worth it.

– Despite the enemy’s efforts to attack and prevent God’s plan for our lives, God is in control and always fulfills His purpose! He is good!

And finally, as one of our students said at the end of our group devotional time tonight, “I can’t imagine doing anything else this week!” We all heartily agreed believing that in His great kindness God chose each one of us to be a part of this powerful week together.


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