Seattle Mission – Day Eight

Today (Friday) was another amazing day as our students wrapped up work at their various mission sites. What an incredible week this has been!  Tomorrow, we spend the day in Canada, enjoying the chance to be tourists in an area we so rarely visit.  It should be a great experience to relax and reflect on what God has done this week.

As we look back at our time in Seattle and the many tasks God has led us to accomplish, will you please take a minute to consider The Purvis Challenge?

Here is a way that everyone can get into the action here in Seattle.  While working at Living Spring Fellowship, Timothy Purvis became concerned about the condition of some of the play ground equipment there at the church.  All 4 congregations (that use the building) all use that playground.  Even the neighborhood children who don’t go to church there use the playground. Some of the equipment is dangerous now and getting worse.  In our meeting on Thursday night Timothy suggested that the students and sponsors raise $1000 to replace the outdated equipment.  We will all be contributing over the next few days and when we get back you can help us complete the project.  If you would like to contribute, you can give donations to Micah Cating who is the adult sponsor at Living Spring and we will then forward the money to the pastor for the project.  This would meet a significant need and it would be a tangible way to tell these people at Living Spring Fellowship that we care about them.  Thanks for considering it.

If you want to see more of our trip, take a look at our album on the Tallowood Students Facebook page.  Not a Facebook user? No problem –  you can still view the pictures. Just follow this LINK.


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