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Heartlight Trip to San Antonio

Our Middle School Choir, Heartlight, had a great trip to San Antonio this past weekend.  We went to Fiesta, Texas on Saturday and then sang at Woodland Baptist Church on Sunday morning.  It was an awesome weekend with students.  You can check out some of the pictures from the weekend here.

Middle School is Awesome!

My wife Laura and I spent last weekend in San Antonio with an amazing group of people – middle school students!  We were a part of the Heartlight trip to San Antonio and Fiesta Texas.  It was an awesome time of getting to know each other better, riding roller coasters (well, not if you’re Randy K), and leading worship at a local church.  Our students did a fantastic job at all of the above!

While at Fiesta Texas, Laura and I hung out mostly with some 6th grade girls who rock my face off!  They even took a picture with Bugs Bunny.  Classic!

They made me take the picture.  Sad, I know.